18 May: Join 10:10 debate on future of community energy in UK

Government support has been vital to UK community energy. The earthquake of subsidy cuts last summer shattered that business model, so what next? There’s no shortage of ideas out there, but some are untested in this country. CXome and hear which ones are most promising, from some of the people who’d be making them happen.

10:10 has been talking to dozens of community energy groups and is launching a report summarising these conversations on 18 May – helped by refreshments “and a smidgen of hope for the future.”

  • Wednesday, 18 May 2016, 17.00 to 18:30
  • 10:10 offcie at 8 Delancey Passage, (a side street) London, NW1 7NN
  • Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/community-energy-the-future-tickets-25266967179

Energy democracy” is in the national interest

If ever there was a time for fresh thinking on our energy system! Great new report from Greenwich Uni sets out the environmental and democratic case – essential reading for community and trade union energy campaigners.

Meet London Assembly candidates

Make your way to FoE Hackney green hustings, with candidates for the North-East seat on London Assembly – Hackney, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets. Sain Mattias Centre, 101 Dalston Lane E8!

Carbon pricing – a bridge to nowhere?

How much longer can we tolerate market-based climate change policies that clearly aren’t working? This is the central challenge in a new report from the New York-based Trade Unions for Energy Democracy , which puts carbon market under its intense spotlight.

Labour sets out for energy democracy

Labour’s shadow energy secretary, Lisa Nandy argues that tackling climate change is “the biggest collective challenge we face as humanity.” Speaking in Hackney, she says that Labour’s challenge was to “formulate a plan to get us through to climate safety,” giving people control back over their lives.

Osborne’s fossilised Budget betrays community energy

The Chancellor said  he would “put the next generation first” in his Budget strategy, yet today’s Budget speech ignored climate change and the Paris Agreement to tackle global warming.  There was nothing to reboot investment in community-based renewable energy projects, badly hit by his own Treasury-led cuts. 

Read about Hackney Energy plans for 2016 at HE 2016

At the last two HE meetings we have expored various ideas for Hackney Energy in 2016. All agree that what we really need is a clear goal or two – specific projects that we as a group can take forward, either as Hackney Energy, or (as with Banister House soalr co-operative) where we offer our support and resources to another community energy project in the borough. 

A message from the Banister interns to Mr Cameron:

A Banister House Solar Message from Tor Kristoffersen on Vimeo.

Hackney Energy is a community group which supports the creation of community owned renewable energy projects.

Banister goes live!

We are happy to announce the Banister House estate project is now completed.    It’s been a huge amount of work by Hackney Council, Repowering London, Banister House Solar and HE, raising £142,000 to install 100kW of solar PV.