At the last two HE meetings we have expored various ideas for Hackney Energy in 2016. All agree that what we really need is a clear goal or two – specific projects that we as a group can take forward, either as Hackney Energy, or (as with banister House) where we offer our support and resources to another community energy project in the borough. 

We aren’t there yet. But meanwhile this is how things are shaping up: 

Hackney Energy can usefully offer its support to these community energy initiatives:

  • Switched On London, campaigning for a publicly owned energy company in London
  • Divest Hackney
  • Campaigns tackling London’s air pollution and air quality in Hackney
  • The Mayoral elections, starting with a critical appraisal of the candidates’ views on community energy in a new HE blog.

Hackney Energy members have expressed an interest in these project ideas, but to proceed they will need further commitment/leadership:

  • Hackney Energy Shop
  • A possible solar schools project.

We can work with like minded projects such as Hoxton community energy. Clara undertook to make contact with Dan Richards to arrange a joint meeting.

On the Mayoral elections, Clara offered to draw up a checklist of issues on which to compare the candidates, with a possible blog on our website, looking at e.g.

  • support for solar feed in tariffs for community energy
  • attitude on air quality
  • recycling
  • cycling
  • carbon emission reduction targets
  • fracking
  • energy democracy

We didn’t fix a date for an HE meeting in April, and instead look to arrange to meet up with Hoxton community energy in April. Please let us have your thoughts on these or other ideas – you can contact Philip Pearson, HE chair, at:

Hackney Energy in 2016: our priorities and next steps