Repowering, Community Energy England, Energy for London and 10:10 are holding a new community energy event on 8th September, 9am to 1pm at The City Centre – 80 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5AR. We’d like to encourage HE members to sign up – please use the Eventbrite link below to register …

This event follows on the successful event at City Hall last year. With the Tories scrapping most of the support for community RE through the feed in tariffs, and seeming to get chillbaines over Hinckley Point, there’s clearly an appetite amongst community energy groups in London to form a hub / network to get us back on our feet. And there is also strong interest from the Mayor’s office to support the growth of community energy. Help shape the role of the hub ‘Community Energy London’ and discuss the policies the Mayor can introduce to help community energy grow across the capital.8

8 September- community energy revival event, London

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