‘The Age of Stupid’: Film and panel discussion Tues 3 July 6.30, £5

The Rio is currently in talks with Hackney Energy on installing rooftop solar energy. All ticket sales will go towards feasibility studies for this project!

The energy plan is to install the maximum number of solar panels on the Rio’s huge rooftop, and store the energy in battery storage system.  Solar energy generated during the day will be stored in the batteries to power the cinema’s projector at night. The project could save about 8,000 tonnes of carbon gas emissions every year, as we wont be taking power from the UK’s national grid, which still relies on fossil fuels (though less so each year). The screening is backed by Community Energy London.

“One of the difficulties with a building of this age and size is it’s hard to reduce that impact on the environment,” a cinema spokesperson said. “We’ve been changing the lighting and putting in insulation, and technology has improved a lot since work was done on the Rio in the 90s, but this would be terrific.”

Flower Power! We made our own solar panel!

We at Hackney Energy joined with Wilton Estate Tenants & Residents’ Association to make our own solar panel for a stand at the Chelsea Flower Show. The panel making team was expert-led by Athena Electrical and involved tenants, including young folk from the estate, piecing together the solar cells and creating a flower-shaped installation. 

Community Energy, which is backing the screening, rightly says community energy campaigning isn’t all solar panels, financial models or draft excluders. It’s a varied and innovative space, which is fast becoming a more regular feature of our landscape, found in schools, housing co-ops, gardens, businesses, train stations and places of worship, to name a few.

Film and panel discussion

The Age of Stupid stars Peter Postlethwaite, Jehangir Wadia, and Alvin DuVernay. A future archivist looks at old footage from the year 2008 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change… sadly this film is still hugely relevant – nowhere more so than in such a fast-paced consumerist city such as London….

The screening will take place at Rio cinema in Dalston, on Tuesday 3rd July at 6.30pm, followed by a discussion panel made up of London community energy practitioners and campaign groups who will explore the realities and future of community energy in London.

6.30pm Introduction

6.45pm Screening of ‘Human Energy’

8pm Discussion Panel – includes:

– Tor Kristoffersen, Film Maker, Chair


– Leo Murray 10:10

– Perry Mondesor, Hackney Energy




Help The Rio become UK’s first solar powered cinema – filmshow 3 July!

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