Hackney Energy is backing a petition to Hackney Council to Declare a Climate Emergency. Not just a bland statement, but backed by an action plan on how and when they will respond to this emergency. Please add your name!

As Sam Smithson, Sustainable Hackney vice chair, said at the Extinction Rebellion rally on Kinsgsland Road last Saturday (Feb 8th), the need to act is more urgent than ever! World leaders are nowhere near bothered enough to stop run-away climate change.  The (IPCC) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent report showed the world is on track for a 3-4⁰C average global temperature rise. At the rate of our burning fossil fuels – petrol, diesel, coal, oil, gas – and racing for fracked gas, we have just 12 years to stay within a safer 1.5⁰ C global warming limit. Beyond that  lies irreversible damage and catastrophic disasters around the world.

Saddleworth Moor fires raged for 3 weeks

The good news is we have the technology and know how to turn this story around…

…but only if we Act NOW collectively and individually.

This global threat needs a collective response. It needs every citizen, young person, family, group, school, enterprise, councillor, MP, leader and country to rise to the challenge by working together and supporting each other to create a world striving for zero carbon emissions by 2030.

This means governments, councils and press must tell the truth on climate change, declare a climate emergency and make long-term changes to resolve this issue. Whilst the UN climate agreement is a positive step, it’s not enough and it’s not legally binding in any way!

So far, 24 UK city councils, and more around the world, are responding to this urgent call to action ignited by the Extinction Rebellion movement since November 2018.   The Mayor of London declared a climate emergency in December 2018 and the London borough of Lambeth in January. The more councils declaring a climate emergency and taking action the stronger the pressure on the UK government will be.

We call on Hackney Council to be the next to make this declaration AND set out a public action plan to make it happen in the borough.

How can I help? Sign and share this petition with everyone who cares about a future on this planet. Thank you for helping us make Hackney and the world a beautiful place to be, your contribution means a lot!



Call to Hackney Council – declare a Climate Emergency!

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