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Homerton Grove Adventure Playground has been at the heart of the Homerton community for many years. The playground is regularly open for local children to enjoy. In the centre of the playground is a building used for many children’s activities. In 1995, the building became home to the first grid-connected solar roof tile PV system.

This PV system has given many kW of electricity to the building over the subsequent years, but in 2014 it had not been generating for the past three years, so naturally Hackney Energy volunteers went to investigate! We wanted to see if we could bring solar power back to the playground and it seemed only right that some of the Banister House interns (who had used the playground themselves when they were young) should get involved. Early tests showed that the solar panels were still producing well, but after more than fifteen years in service and clocking up more than 32000kWh, the inverter had given up.

After some adaptations to the wiring and the installation of a new inverter, we were ready for switch on. At 5 o’clock on Monday 1st September 2014 the sun came out and we switched on the system and returned solar power to Homerton Grove.

Since turning on the panels we have held a number of community engagement events in the playground to teach local children about renewable energy and build solar PV panels.